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Your tax-deductible contribution helps young women who are raising a family while dealing with the challenges of undergoing breast cancer treatment. We assist directly with childcare costs, uncovered medical expenses, transportation, lodging and more.

Every donation makes a difference!

  • $25 can pay for dinner for a family when mom is too sick from chemo to cook.
  • $50 can pay for gas to get to doctors’ appointments.
  • $75 can help defray childcare costs during an overnight stay at the hospital.
  • $100 can provide transportation to chemotherapy infusions.

And on and on...

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In loving honor and memory of
Karen Dove Cabral
~ 1971–2007 ~

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You Can Make a

Big Difference

in a

Young Mom's

Life !


The foundation provides

vital assistance to

 young mothers 

in treatment for

breast cancer,

so they can be

more healthy,

more themselves,

and more present

for their families.


We reach scores of 

patients in need

with help from

people like you.


Thank you!