How to Help

As we all know, lives have been changed by the pandemic. Fundraising events have been canceled, including ours. BUT, we need your help now more than ever because COVID-19 presents additional challenges to young breast cancer mothers, demanding increased support in the most difficult time of their lives. 

What can you do now to make a difference?

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More than 95% of each donation supports our mission: 

“Improving quality of life for young mothers with breast cancer.”


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In loving honor and memory of
Karen Dove Cabral
~ 1971–2007 ~


We are there with financial help for mothers in need dealing with breast cancer.


We fill the gaps: 

• oral chemotherapy

• child care

• pain medication

• housekeeping

• meals

• healing therapies

• transportation

• and more…


You Can Make a

Big Difference!



Thank you!