Who is Karen Dove Cabral?

Karen Dove Cabral and family

Karen Dove Cabral and family

Karen Dove Cabral is our inspiration for this family run Foundation.

Karen was our daughter, our sister, our wife, our mother, our friend. She brought humor and grace to our lives. Drawing from her experiences, she taught us about the many unmet needs of mothers who have breast cancer.  She was dedicated to making positive change in the lives of others, and we are honoring her memory by serving young mothers who are challenged by this illness.

Karen's Journey, Our Inspiration

Karens Story

In loving honor and memory of
Karen Dove Cabral
~ 1971–2007 ~

We are there with financial help for mothers in need dealing with breast cancer.

We fill the gaps: 

• oral chemotherapy • child care

• pain medication • housekeeping

• meals • healing therapies

• transportation • and more…

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